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With a number of dedicated bays and specialist technicians with a wealth of experience to draw upon we are confident to be able to take on most repair work on a wide range of makes and models.

Here at Parkside Garage one of our main objectives is to provide quality repair services. From brakes and suspension repairs to batteries and MOT repairs.

We are able to conduct a whole range of repairs including:

  • MOT Repairs - Any repairs associated with a failed MOT can be quoted for and conducted on site.
  • Cambelts - the potential for damage caused by a snapped timing belt can be more than the car is worth and easily run in to the thousands. Manufacturers specify a recommended changing interval which we are able to advise on. Should your timing belt snap we can conduct the associated repairs.
  • Clutches - full clutch and dual mass fly wheel replacements.
  • Suspension and Steering - repairs covering the entire system including, ball joints, wishbones, track control arms, road springs, shock absorbers, suspension bushes, steering racks and hydraulic components.
  • Batteries - notorious for giving little to no forewarning before failing, you cannot start your car without one. Battery replacement is a quick, simple and relatively inexpensive process.
  • Engine Repairs - from repairs such as head gasket, valve stem seal replacements, engine plates and remanufactured engine reassembly.
  • Faults (including diagnostic plugin) - Using the latest diagnostic equipment we can plug into your vehicle's ECU to identify and diagnose a whole range of faults before offering repair solutions.
Bosch car repair equipment - Car Repairs St Austell
Bosch car repair equipment - Car Repairs St Austell

For more information on any of our repair services in St Austell call us on 01726 71710 or fill in our contact form.

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